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Zombies Live Trap Income Calculator

Our Zombies Live calculator will calculate the Zombies Live trap you should buy next.
Simply enter the quantity of traps that you currently own, then press the "Calculate" button.
Locate the lowest "Value Ratio" from our trap strategy guide.
Purchase this Zombies trap for the best income roi value!

Zombies Live Trap Income Earned: $0

Trap NameLevelIncome EarnedCurrent CostTraps OwnedEnter TrapValue RatioCurrent Income
Human Disguise11400400
Falling Cage152200440
Collapsing Manhole Cover2105000500
Dark Room9251,5000600
Hijacked Taxi Cab13655,0000770
Fake Door2011011,00001000
Park Sinkhole2520025,00001250
Fake Office3035054,00001540
Collapsing Walls35590110,00001860
Hijacked Bus40900200,00002220
Fake Hospital501,500360,00002400
Barricaded Church602,700700,00002590
Collapsing Building704,2001,200,00002860

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