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World War Live Income Building Calculator

Our World War Live income calculator will calculate the World War Live income building you should buy next.
Simply enter the quantity of income buildings that you currently own, then press the "Calculate" button.
Locate the lowest "Value Ratio" from our building income strategy guide.
Purchase this building for the best income roi value!

World War Live Building Income Earned: $0

Building NameLevelIncome EarnedCurrent CostBuildings OwnedEnter BuildingValue RatioCurrent Income
Supply Depot11,00025,0000250
Weapons Factory816,500800,0000480
Power Plant1256,0004,000,0000710
Oil Rig25270,00030,000,00001110
Military Research Lab35500,00090,000,00001800
Nuclear Testing Facility40700,000150,000,00002140
Solar Satellite Network601,200,000500,000,00004170
Fusion Reactor901,400,0001,200,000,00008570

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