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Rock Battle Live Promotions Income Calculator

Our Rock Battle Live calculator will calculate the Rock Battle promotion item you should purchase next.
Simply enter the quantity of promotions that you currently own, then press the "Calculate" button.
Locate the lowest "Value Ratio" from our promotion strategy guide.
Purchase this rock promotion for the best income roi value!

Rock Battle Live Promotion Income Earned: $0

Promotion NameLevelIncome EarnedCurrent CostPromotions OwnedEnter PromotionValue RatioCurrent Income
My Space Profile1208000400
Music Flyer1401,7000430
Facebook Fan Page3753,8000510
Music Poster524014,0000580
TV Commercial121,200100,0000830
Music Demo252,700330,00001220
Recording Studio305,000720,00001440
Movie Song357,5001,250,00001670
Record Company4012,5002,500,00002000

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