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Racing Live City Real Estate Income Calculator

Our Racing Live calculator will calculate the Racing Live city real estate you should buy next.
Simply enter the quantity of properties that you currently own, then press the "Calculate" button.
Locate the lowest "Value Ratio" from our city property strategy guide.
Purchase this real estate property for the best income roi value!

Racing Live City Property Income Earned: $0

Property NameLevelIncome EarnedCurrent CostProperties OwnedEnter PropertyValue RatioCurrent Income
Parking Space1503,0000600
Used Car Lot11007,0000700
Convenience Store320015,0000750
Car Wash Service81,000175,00001750
Parking Garage121,500330,00002200
Downtown Loft182,700700,00002590
Chop Shop254,8001,100,00002290
Auto Electronics Store307,5002,000,00002670
Beach House3511,5003,250,00002830
Import Car Dealership4028,0008,500,00003040
Custom Mod Shop6032,00012,500,00003910
Luxury Car Showroom8034,00015,000,00004410

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