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iMobsters Real Estate Income Calculator

Our iMobsters calculator will calculate the iMobsters real estate property you should buy next.
Simply enter the quantity of properties that you currently own, then press the "Calculate" button.
Locate the lowest "Value Ratio" from our real estate strategy guide.
Purchase this property for the best income roi value!

iMobsters Real Estate Income Earned: $0

Real Estate NameLevelIncome EarnedCurrent CostProperties OwnedEnter PropertyValue RatioCurrent Income
Street Vendor1502,0000400
Convenience Store180030,0000380
Night Club110,000500,0000500
Luxury Condos216,0001,100,0000690
Shopping Mall450,0004,000,0000800
Resort Hotel7100,00010,000,00001000
Office Tower10160,00020,000,00001250
Amusement Park22275,00055,000,00002000
Horse Racing Circuit35300,00075,000,00002500
Pro Basketball Team50350,000105,000,00003000
Television Studio80375,000150,000,00004000
Auction House100400,000250,000,00006250
Record Label120430,000420,000,00009770

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