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iMobsters Basic Game Information - Strategy Guide

Missions - Money, Skill, Experience, Special Rewards & Loot

As an aspiring iMobsters mob leader you and your mob members perform various missions to earn money and advance your families skill level and experience in the game. Each mission requires a specific number of mob members, equipment, energy and skill level to be completed. Completing all the mission in a particular city or country will win you a special reward and advance the rank of that location allowing you to perform more missions earning higher rewards. Certain mission throughout the game provide bonus equipment called loot. Loot is special equipment that can't be purchased with money, some mission require loot from previous mission inorder to be completed.

Equipment - Weapons, Protection and Vehicles

Purchase weapons, protection and vehicles with the money you make performing missions or attacking other mob families. During attacks your mob will automatically use your best equipment based on whether you are defending against or attacking other mob families. Each mob member that you control can and should be outfitted with 1 weapon, 1 protection item and 1 vehicle. Example: 5 mobsters would require a maximum of 5 weapons, 5 protection items and 5 vehicles purchased. Higher equipment requires upkeep money so purchasing extra equipment is a waste of resources, manage this well and you will save money!

Attack - How Fighting Works

Fighting in iMobsters take into consideration the number of mob members in your family and the type of equipment that they possess. Each mob family member can carry just 1 weapon, 1 protection item and 1 vehicle into a fight. When attacking other mob families your mobsters will carry the best attack rated equipment you own. Likewise, when you are being attacked by other mobsters, your mob members will automatically use their best defensive equipment. When you attack or defend in iMobsters the number of members that can fight is limited to 5X your current level. So at level 1 you can have 5 members, these 5 members will carry a total of 5 weapons, 5 protection units and 5 vehiles. Level 60 would included 300 mobbies, carrying 300 weapons, 300 protection items and 300 vehicles! Attack and defense points are awarded for completing mission levels as stated above and also factor into the fighting systems and there is a certain random function as well when two players are closely matched. This can lead to some frustration as you will lose a fight on occasion when you seem to totally dominate your opponent.

Real Estate Properties - Earning Income

Purchasing real estate properties in iMobsters allows you to earn income that is paid out in regular time intervals much like a salary. It's very simple the more money you spend on real estate the more money you earn as income to help finance your equipment needs. Each additional real estate property you buy costs an additional 10% of the origional purchase price. Keep an eye on on the value of the income earned to the purchase price of a specific property. Hint: Purchase as much real estate properties as you can afford in the early going, you will need the income at higher levels to finance higher equipment for fighting! Equipment at the higher levels requires "upkeep", which is basically and hourly rate to maintain that item. Your equipment upkeep rate is subtracted from your income rate and the difference is what you earn through each time cycle in the game. You constantly earn income during the game even when you are not online. Income earned is available to purchase additional equipment etc and but is vulnerable to being taken by attacking mob families unless it is placed in the bank.

Stay Tuned! More Information, Hints & Tips being added daily!